Compressed air oxygen mass gas air flow meter

Product Description


Product Description:

BF60 thermal mass flow meters use the thermo-diffusion principle;

the thermo-diffusion technology is one reliable high technology under the severe condition.


BF60 thermal mass flow meters is a direct mass flow meter which measures gas, it does not need to make the temperature , pressure compensation, it is a direct and simple and convenience mass flow meter. It satisfies the requests of the gas flow amount monitor, the flow measurement and the self-verifying of instrument.



BF60 thermal mass flow meter is constituted of a flow sensor and a converter. In terms of flow sensor type, it falls into insertion type, flange connection type and stamp on type. Classifying by converter type, we have integrative and remote type flowmeters.


In recent years, to better satisfy customers’ requirements and expand service range of our products, we also install microprocessor, displayer and other functional modules into the converter.


Compressed air oxygen mass gas air flow meter


Model Description:

Compressed air oxygen mass gas air flow meter



Application range:

Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine gas and multicomponent gas;

Blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas(BFG,LDG,COG);

flue gas;

Biogas, aeration and chlorine in water treatment;

Compressed air;

Natural gas, liquefied gas, torch gas;

Primary air &  secondary air of  blast furnace in power plant;

Ventilation or exhaust system under mine;


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