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This Moped’s Clear Glass Combustion Chamber Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

Unless you’re a mechanic, chances are you have no idea what’s happening under the hood of your car or motorcycle. Not to worry: now there’s a way to see exactly what goes on inside your vehicle’s engine, and it’s so much cooler than you originally imagined! Mechanic Petri Ranki recently designed a glass block for the twin-cylinder engine on his moped, making it possible

Gigantic Chinese Dam Is 6 Times Taller Than Niagara Falls And Breathtaking To Watch

Some of the most arresting creations on Earth were shaped by natural forces. Seven of these—including Mount Everest in Nepal, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the northern lights in the Northern Hemisphere—are known as the Natural Wonders of the World, and they’re deemed the most captivating sights on the planet. That said, there are some wonders

Artist Makes Magical Creations From The Parts Of Busted Old Watches

An innovative artist should be able to find any old item, take it apart, and transform it into something aesthetically pleasing or thought-provoking—or both. Artist Susan Beatrice is one such creator. On her All Natural Arts site, for instance, Susan finds ways to ordinary objects—well, one in particular—to form her beautiful pieces that range from pendants to miniature sculptures. When you

This Secret Hack For Your iPhone Calculator App Is Amazing

Ahh, the glorious smartphone. Nearly every person has one nowadays, and it seems like you can’t even walk down the street without bumping into someone whose eyes are transfixed by whatever is on their screen. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, and we can’t leave home without them. Of all the brands of smartphones out there, the