7 Optical Illusions That Left The Internet Completely Baffled

If there is one thing that the Internet loves to do, it’s create mass hysteria. And what better way to do that than to upload a bunch of unusual photos that could have many different interpretations and let people argue about it?

2015 seemed to be one year in particular that had online users up in arms over some very confusing pictures that hit the web. People from all over the world wanted to add their two cents as to what exactly they were looking at. After the real answers were revealed, some people were right, some were wrong, but almost everyone had an opinion.

In case you don’t remember, here are seven of the pictures that created a whirlwind of Internet controversy as soon as they surfaced.

1. The color-changing hair: Florida musician Sabrina Abu-Obeid decided that she wanted a cool new hair color, so she decided to dye it blue. But, as soon as she walked into a different room, it appeared purple. Did she discover color-changing hair dye? Far from it. The lighting was different in each room, and it made her hair appear to change colors when she walked from one room into the other.


2. The empty-looking field: If you looked at the picture on the left, it appeared as though it was a barren field full of snow and dead vegetation. But, if you look closely, you’ll notice that among the vegetation there are hundreds of sheep standing close to each other.

Liezel Kennedy / Caters News

3. What’s in her cup?: After this picture was snapped and posted online, users noticed that the cup the girl is holding looked… well-endowed? But, if you pull your mind out of the gutter, you can clearly see that it’s her arm that’s causing this lewd illusion.

Solita Restaurants / Twitter

4. Cat on the stairs: When a photographer plays with perspective, it can make your head spin. This simple picture of a cat created a lot of confusion after people couldn’t figure out whether he was going up the stairs or coming down them. Hmm…


5. Matching nail polish: This picture was brutal for anyone who was even slightly colorblind. The two shades of nail polish clearly look different, but yet, they’re both the same shade as the shoe. Did anyone else feel like they needed to get their eyes checked after this one?

@strikaholic / Twitter

6. Starbucks cup: When you order a drink at Starbucks, the barista will put your name on the cup so you know when your order is ready, but this one looked like it belonged to both a Corey and a Greg.

Greg Dorris / Twitter

7. The dress: This picture practically shut the Internet down. People were at verbal blows over what the actual color of this dress was. And in the end, did it matter? Not at all. Just another mania-causing photo to satisfy Internet junkies.

Cecilia Bleasdale

After looking at these, your brain might start to hurt. It’s only a matter of time before the next wave of mind-boggling photos hit the web for all to enjoy… and argue about!

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