1 axis robotic arm for injection molding machine

Product Description

       1.This 1 axis robotic arm  for injection molding machine of QFA1500S1 is applicable to IMM 200~350ton for taking out quick-formed products. Take-out at super high-speed(0.5sec.) and dry cycle time within 2.6seconds. It is applicable for all thin-wall formed products and the dry cycle time within 6seconds.


2.Arm of this 1 axis robotic arm  for injection molding machine of QFA1500S1 with high rigidity aluminum beam, light mass, high rigidity, cooperated with double-speed belt construction ensured the take-out time.


3.T type steel wire PU belt driven, good stability, precision position at  ±0.1mm.

General Specification

Power Capacity(KVA) Working Pressure Max.Allowed Pressure Driver System Swivel Control System
3   AC220V±10V50/60HZ
0.5kgf/cm²                                      0.49Mpa 8kgf/cm²0.8Mpa X/Y AC Servo Motor 90° Fixed   Pneumatic Mitsubishi Servo Controller

    Main Specification

Model Power Capacity(KVA) Recommended I.M.M(Ton) Side stroke(mm) Crosswise Stroke(mm) Max.loading(kg) Dry Take Out Time(sec) Dry Cycle Time(sec) Air Consumption(NI/cycle) Net Weight(kg)
QF900S1 4 50-200 90 Fixed 150-500(Adjustable) 2 0.35 2.2 4 200
QF900S2 5 150-500 210
QF1500S1 200-350 1500 Fixed 200-700(Adjustable) 3 0.5 2.6 5 380
QF1500S2 6 200-700 390

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